Hi, Welcome to MIT Climate Machine Climate Identity Quiz.

What is a Climate Identity? It's your unique perspective on the future of our climate. Take this quiz to discover if you're an Explorer, Detective, Scientist, or Hero!

In this quiz, you'll be asked some questions about yourself and the things you care about. Don't worry - all information collected is completely anonymous and will only be used for research purposes.

This quiz will take about 2 minutes to complete.

What city do you consider to be your hometown?

What is your current occupation?

What activities do you do for fun?

What types of media do you consume regularly (books, movies, news, social media, etc.)?

Now it's time to create your own Climate Avatar and discover your Climate Identity!

Your avatar is personalized to reflect 4 aspects of your Climate Identity: your interests, engagement, knowledge, and vision.

At the heart of your Climate Avatar is your greatest interest in climate action.

Which of the following actions do you find to be most important?

With the arms of your Climate Avatar, you decide the type of support you’d be willing to carry for climate action. If you were to take your own climate action, which of the following are you most likely to engage in?

In the head of your Climate Avatar resides your current knowledge. How well-versed do you consider yourself to be in Climate Science?

To what extent do you believe the climate's current condition has been affected by human action?

The eyes of your Climate Avatar hold your vision for the future. How do you imagine today’s collective actions (in our communities and workplaces) will impact the future of our climate?

Final question!

Our experiences have shaped us to care about the climate in different, unique ways. Reflecting on the things you love - what is the biggest question you have about the future of our climate?